Healing Species – News & Media, Humane Education in the classroom.

Bring Humane Education to your school!  Evidence proven program teaches kids compassion, empathy and other beneficial life learning fundamentals.   Sponsor a program in you hometown today! 

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SourceWatch – The real drive in public opinion on advocacy.

Think you know all about a particular advocate group?  Better reconsider and do your own investigation.  Seems big corporate America knows exactly how to influence Jack and Jill Citizen.  If you don’t like a group advocating for, or against something you believe in, you can seemingly buy your own support.  After all a majority of people, or sheeple as some may think, are easily caught up in mainstream media and easily influenced.  Always following the crowd for fear of being different and opposing what may very well be the truth.  Consider making your own path in life and research the cause you do, or don’t believe in.  Remember you can always maintain loyalty by supporting less conglomerate groups by keeping it within your State, or community.

FYI…  If you are still having doubts…   Check out “Center for Consumer Freedom” on wikipedia.


PAWS & GET INVOLVED! South Carolina


Animal cruelty can only be effectively addressed when all levels of government and available resources compromise.  Citizens have a voice too and oftentimes have to rally around a cause before anyone listens. Be that voice in #southcarolina and help end #animalcruelty


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