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When is a Rescue Not a Rescue?

Absolutely informative information!! Do your research! You have a right to public information about a non-profit. Squail. 🙂

Dogpaddling Through Life

No one wants to buy from a puppy mill. But did you know that you could be even if you adopt?

That’s right! The Don’t Shop, Adoptcampaign has been so successful that some puppy mills are getting sneaky and setting up their own “rescues.”

What? Are you kidding me? What? Are you kidding me?

Oh, they look good.

They hold adoption events. They contract with a vet to provide care for the animals. Some even have 501(3)(c) status.

But all they’re really doing is “adopting” out the older puppies that weren’t sold. They’re not lying when they say the animals were removed from a puppy mill. They just don’t tell you THEY run the puppy mill.

Other so-called rescues are run by brokers who buy the puppies from the breeders, then turn around and “adopt” them out.

And they’re not just “adopting” out animals at the same rates they would have sold them for, they’re…

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