Non-Profits Collaborating for Efficiency and Transparency to Attract Donors.

Abstract from the Greenville Journal, “Navigating nonprofits”  March 14, 2014.

There is a growing need within the nonprofit community to consider a merger with other similar companies.  …”independently minded folks”  start a nonprofit to fill that need, said Reid Lehman, director of Miracle Hill Ministries.  However, they don’t always survey the existing landscape to see if their cause could “nest within another organization,” he went on to mention that there is opportunity for collaboration among nonprofits that rescue animals and those dealing with environmental issue…  As more and more nonprofits emerge in South Carolina (5,852 in 2000 to 14,428,  501(c)(3) registered companies/Source: SC Association of Nonprofit Organizations), to “fill a need,”  there is a growing competitiveness among those seeking donations.  This leaves one to wonder if smaller nonprofits are efficient enough to compete effectively, or is the need to nest within a similar well-established organization key to efficiency.

…Wading through the appeals for funds can be daunting, and donors should educate themselves before giving, says John Cocciolone, executive director of the Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board.  Some nonprofits are scams and use similar names to well-known organizations and other tactics to attract funds.  Making the choice based on how much a nonprofit spends on programs versus administration has been publicized as a particularly useful indicator-but Cocciolone suggests donors avoid using it as the only guide.  The comparison is a good indicator for larger well-established nonprofits, he said, but smaller organizations will have a higher percentage of administration costs as a natural consequence of their size…

Do Your Research Before You Donate:  Here are a list of companies dedicated to non-profit transparency.   (National Center on Charitable Statistics)  (SC Secretary of State)


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