South Carolina Will Not Tolerate Animal Cruelty! Or do We??


Have you noticed all the chatter on Facebook regarding animal cruelty!!  I have and so have some other advocates. I do not understand the complaining though. Do we really care about these animal cruelty Laws in South Carolina. I personally think we suck at it overall, as animal lovers!  Sure its noble to help lost, injured, and pets waiting for adoption. Those that do, get my utmost respect for “Stepping Up” and doing what is necessary to help our animals. What about the Laws themselves?  You know… The animal cruelty laws that were broke, ignored or compromised because no one was held accountable; or did not let our local/state officials know they were not doing a good job. How about the laws that animal abusers repeated over and over because there was no Law for a registry of animal abusers.  Sex offenders have a registry… Why?  Well because we do not want these offenders anywhere near our kids, that’s why!  We want to know WHO abuses our children and WHERE they live now!  What is the difference between children and pets?  Both require our constant attention and nurturing. We also expect law enforcement to do their job in a timely and effective manner and make dam sure they know about it when they mess up!   Animal Control is no different!  So quit complaining and showing pictures of abused animals, if you are not going to Step Up and help make it change!!   What can you do???  Well… Start by contacting SCRAPS, or PETS IN SC. Let us know you want change!   We can direct you from there…   Feel comfortable contacting local officials/State Legislators yourself… Awesome!!  All we ask is that you tell South Carolina WE will not tolerate Animal Cruelty Anymore!!!  Otherwise do us and Facebook a favor and quit complaining!!  Respectfully Yours… SCRAPS!


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