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SourceWatch – The real drive in public opinion on advocacy.

Think you know all about a particular advocate group?  Better reconsider and do your own investigation.  Seems big corporate America knows exactly how to influence Jack and Jill Citizen.  If you don’t like a group advocating for, or against something you believe in, you can seemingly buy your own support.  After all a majority of people, or sheeple as some may think, are easily caught up in mainstream media and easily influenced.  Always following the crowd for fear of being different and opposing what may very well be the truth.  Consider making your own path in life and research the cause you do, or don’t believe in.  Remember you can always maintain loyalty by supporting less conglomerate groups by keeping it within your State, or community.

FYI…  If you are still having doubts…   Check out “Center for Consumer Freedom” on wikipedia.


PAWS & GET INVOLVED! South Carolina


Animal cruelty can only be effectively addressed when all levels of government and available resources compromise.  Citizens have a voice too and oftentimes have to rally around a cause before anyone listens. Be that voice in #southcarolina and help end #animalcruelty


Rescue me! Taking matters into our own hands, saving abused animals.


When it comes to animal abuse, people tend to think that our local law enforcement,  or animal control would be the first point of contact.  Not so much these days.  With more and more media coverage on animal cruelty and the overwhelming posted pics of abused pets on social media, citizens are taking matters into their own hands.  Why not call local law enforcement,  or animal control, whenever a person witnesses animal cruelty?  Far to often though when attempts have been made to report such inhumane treatment, concerns go unanswered, or addressed.   One such reason perhaps would be that in most states animals are considered “property” under the law.  Another reason is the low priority level that animal cruelty cases receive, often because of budget restraints, or low number of officers to handle such cases.  Whatever reasons local law enforcements are stating, as to non-response, people are wanting results.  Animals cannot speak for themselves and animal advocates know this, so the end result is to do whatever is necessary.  
     A recent surge in “no kill” shelters is taking shape and a growing coalition of advocates and rescue groups are emerging.  They are oftentimes taking matters into their own hands, when it comes to saving animals from a cruel environment.  The main initiative here is to “save” as many animals as possible,  using any means necessary to take cats/dogs out of a cruel environment and to keep pets out of kill shelters, or pounds  where possible euthanasia awaits unclaimed animals. Rescue groups “foster” animals much like people foster children.  They provide a temporary safe environment,  until an adoption is secured.  Many shelters are overwhelmed with incoming animals, either from owner surrenders, lost/found, or failed attemps at adoptions.  Rescue groups work with shelters by fostering the surplus of animals. They post pics of the dog/cat on mainstream media trying to find a suitable adopter.  When attempts have failed, or the foster parent has no space for more animals, they use “transports” as a means to shuttle the dog/cat out of the local area.  Sometimes these transports go out of state to other shelters with room, or to other foster parents.  Amazing network isn’t it; well seeing as how animals get a second chance at a cruel free environment,  I can understand the motives behind rescue groups, however this also poses an unsafe environment for both the rescue person and the animal when proper authorities are not envolved.  People can be bitten and both parties involved including the animal could have their lives threatened.   Another consideration is the possibility of a so called underground market for selling/trading animals for profits, or dog fighting. 
     I have only touched the surface of this alarming and seemingly growing trend.  Domestic animal trafficking is widely unregulated by states and I feel it needs to be addressed, hopefully for a good cause.  Every animal deserves no unnecessary cruelty and with that comes education and responsibilities.

South Carolina Will Not Tolerate Animal Cruelty! Or do We??


Have you noticed all the chatter on Facebook regarding animal cruelty!!  I have and so have some other advocates. I do not understand the complaining though. Do we really care about these animal cruelty Laws in South Carolina. I personally think we suck at it overall, as animal lovers!  Sure its noble to help lost, injured, and pets waiting for adoption. Those that do, get my utmost respect for “Stepping Up” and doing what is necessary to help our animals. What about the Laws themselves?  You know… The animal cruelty laws that were broke, ignored or compromised because no one was held accountable; or did not let our local/state officials know they were not doing a good job. How about the laws that animal abusers repeated over and over because there was no Law for a registry of animal abusers.  Sex offenders have a registry… Why?  Well because we do not want these offenders anywhere near our kids, that’s why!  We want to know WHO abuses our children and WHERE they live now!  What is the difference between children and pets?  Both require our constant attention and nurturing. We also expect law enforcement to do their job in a timely and effective manner and make dam sure they know about it when they mess up!   Animal Control is no different!  So quit complaining and showing pictures of abused animals, if you are not going to Step Up and help make it change!!   What can you do???  Well… Start by contacting SCRAPS, or PETS IN SC. Let us know you want change!   We can direct you from there…   Feel comfortable contacting local officials/State Legislators yourself… Awesome!!  All we ask is that you tell South Carolina WE will not tolerate Animal Cruelty Anymore!!!  Otherwise do us and Facebook a favor and quit complaining!!  Respectfully Yours… SCRAPS!

56,036+ Dogs & Cats in Pickens County South Carolina

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association some 56,036 dogs and cats are estimated in Pickens county South Carolina ( 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook/calculator formula).  Using the 2010 Census total population of 119,224 for Pickens county.  Then using the Demographics Sourcebook calculator formula, an estimated 26,780 dogs and 29,256 cats make up the population.  There were also 16,737 pet owning households for dogs and 13,940 pet owning households for cats.  Using the same formula but increasing the county population to an estimate of 119,670 (2010 Census population estimate for 2012), there is an increase total of 209 dogs/cats.  There was no 2013 estimated population given by the 2010 Census Bureau.  Of the pet owning households there is an average of 2.127 pets per house in Pickens.

What is even more alarming is the growing need to feed the pet population.  Imagine for a moment the number of people per household then figure in the number of pets.  Lets take it one step further and imagine a household with financial hardship.  Who gets to eat?  Frankly I don’t feel anyone should have to make this choice, let alone someone with limited mobility and/or financial hardship.  Did you know that Pickens county does have ANY pet food assistance for those in need?  I have done some research and have discovered that Pickens county community has fallen short, with the availability of pet food/supplies for families in need.

     My idea is based in two parts. 1) The need of a “pet food bank”; we have 3 large food bank organizations in the area. United Christian Ministries of Easley SC,   Harvest of Hope in Greenville, SC and Golden Harvest food bank in Liberty, SC. Neither of these charities offers assistance with pet food and/or supplies. 2) The need to deliver pet food/supplies to the elderly and/or disabled, (“Pet Meals on Wheels”). Our local Meals on Wheels does not offer pet assistance (though they are looking into changing this).
     I believe that families who struggle with feeding themselves, have just as much of a struggle with providing for their pets too; especially when the State Food Stamp program (SNAP), does not allow the purchase of pet products.  Consider the unemployed, the elderly and/or disabled;  some whom are even unable to drive to the local store, or simply live on a small fixed income.

I am looking to fill this void in our community first and foremost.  By providing a pet food bank this would be the foundation for those in need. From there it would expand to supply numerous animal shelters that fall short with their donations, while also supplying the pet meals on wheels program.  My theory is this, if  WE all pitch in a $1 (remember the 119,224 population) then the burden of feeding families and pets should reasonably start to slow.  SCRAPS is my food bank page on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/scrapspc  ( not yet a 501(c)(3) non-profit),  but looking to change that soon.  In the mean time please donate to our Meals on Wheels program  http://pcmow.org/   Lets help SCRAP family and pet hunger in our community!!   Please share and donate!  Big or Small it helps us ALL!

When is a Rescue Not a Rescue?

Absolutely informative information!! Do your research! You have a right to public information about a non-profit. Squail. 🙂

Dogpaddling Through Life

No one wants to buy from a puppy mill. But did you know that you could be even if you adopt?

That’s right! The Don’t Shop, Adoptcampaign has been so successful that some puppy mills are getting sneaky and setting up their own “rescues.”

What? Are you kidding me? What? Are you kidding me?

Oh, they look good.

They hold adoption events. They contract with a vet to provide care for the animals. Some even have 501(3)(c) status.

But all they’re really doing is “adopting” out the older puppies that weren’t sold. They’re not lying when they say the animals were removed from a puppy mill. They just don’t tell you THEY run the puppy mill.

Other so-called rescues are run by brokers who buy the puppies from the breeders, then turn around and “adopt” them out.

And they’re not just “adopting” out animals at the same rates they would have sold them for, they’re…

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